workshop: make your own worm farm

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Thought you couldn’t compost without a garden? Think again.

If you have a balcony or other outdoor space then you can use a worm farm to compost your green waste. Instead of throwing this resource away you can transform it into a constant stream of free fertiliser for your pot plants.

Join this three hour workshop where you will make your own wormfarm out of recycled polystyrene boxes. You will go home with a worm farm ready to go with bedding material inside – you will just need to buy your worms online. See the photos below of what it will look like.

Worms are easy to manage. They breed according to the amount of waste you give them. They are very tolerant of vacation time and can go for weeks without new food being added. We use polystyrene because it is insulating against the cold and heat. You will be able to leave this worm farm outside in a Dutch winter.

The workshop will be lead by Sophia van Ruth, the author of the Urban Edibles e-book on urban composting.

You register for this workshop per household. Two people from each household can attend for the one price.

This workshop is strictly limited to 6 households, there are only enough materials to make 6 worm farms. Register early!

program for the evening:

We get straight down to the business of converting the polystyrene boxes to a workable worm farm. We will have stanley knives at the ready!

Sophia will take you through the Urban Edibles e-book on compost systems. Here you will learn how to manage your worm farm and also briefly about other methods of composting without a garden. Some people choose to combine a worm farm with a Bokashi system.

digging into the STEK compost heap to get some fresh bedding for your worms. If you are lucky there will be enough compost worms in there already and you won’t have to order any! (but we can’t guarantee it, you may need to buy some online)

what you take home:

  • complimentary e-booklet on urban composting (available in Dutch or English)
  • your own worm farm (just add worms!)

date: The next date is yet to be set, click the link in the top right corner to go on the mailing list for upcoming events

time: TBA

place: Stek Rotterdam, Nieuwe Binnenweg 195B

language: Primarily english but some dutch where needed

registration: Follow the link in the top right corner to register your interest in upcoming workshops

Payment and participation options:

option one (full workshop):
€60 per household
Register for exactly what it says above and make the worm farm photographed below. With this option, you pay per household and two people from one household can attend, but you will only take one worm farm home as a pair. This option costs €60 per household. This option is strictly limited to 6 households.

option two (half workshop):
€ 25 per person and then you have to buy your own worm farm for €80-€90
Register for to come to the second half of the workshop only and buy a commercially made worm farm. You can buy a wormfarm from STEK for about €80-90 depending on which you choose. In this case you would pay €25 to attend the second part of the workshop and you can buy the worm farm extra. You would also get the take home e-booklet on urban composting.

compare the options:
A commercially made worm farm is not very insulating and you would need to bring your worms indoors if the temperatures go much below zero. The polystyrene boxes are insulating so you can leave them outdoors all year long. However, they will need replacing from time to time and so you will need to remake your farm about once every two years (Sophia will share with you where she gets the boxes from or you can also keep an eye on maarktplaats – sometimes you can even find them for free there).

Questions? call Sophia on 0644466197