personal garden consultations

would you like a personal touch?

You can hire us to come to your home and provide a personal consult specific to your situation.

such a consultation includes:

  • a site assessment and soil pH testing.
  • a client assessment and lifestyle testing (we need to learn a bit about you to know what plants will be both realistic and inspiring for you)

together we will then come up with a strategy for your situation including:

  • sitting down together and mapping out exactly where certain plants should go (we will literally draw a map together)
  • advice on how to keep your soils healthy
  • list of recommended plants with planting dates for each one and help in locating sources of seed/seedlings (we often use non-conventional edibles for shady corners or busy lifestyles)
  • advice on how to plant seeds and seedlings if needed

optional extras:

  • creation of a nutrient cycling strategy to make your garden or pots more self fertilising (this involves recommending appropriate composting systems and planting certain nitrogen fixing and nutrient accumulating plants) €50

how it is done

This process will take approximately 3 1/2 hours, 1 1/2 hours with you and some follow up planning,  mapping and research from us. However it may take more if you have a large garden or less if you only want to farm one windowsill. We charge €70 per hour, and you can send us photos of your space beforehand for a fixed quote. If you live far from Rotterdam then we will need to charge travel costs of €40 per hour.

All prices include 21% BTW.

Please get in touch here for more information or to request a consultation