smart sprouting: mini-course


If you are curious about the following questions then this mini-course is for you…..

Why can’t I grow apples from seed and get nice tasting fruit?
What time of year should I plant a pea seed?
What kind of soil is best to grow seedlings in?
Why can’t I save seed  from hybrid varieties of plants?

What you learn:

  • which plants you can and can’t grow from seed
  • when to plant different crops
  • soil, container, planting and transplant  tips
  • different types of seeds and what they mean (open pollinated, hybrid, GM)
  • where to get great seeds

What you get:

  • take home e-booklet on growing from seed
  • a few seeds to get you going

Want to get a peek into the kind of information covered? Take a look at our free download from the booklet that comes with the workshop – click here



Thursday 6 March 2014, Rotterdam

time: 19:30 – 22.00

cost: 25 euros

placeSTEK de Stadstuinwinkel, Rotterdam

language: primarily english but some dutch where needed

registration: essential! follow the link to the right

special offer: Bring a friend with you and you will both get an added assortment of seeds as a gift. Why not use the facebook share button above to find a friend to come with you?